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Jack Garrett-Jones

Favourite adventure: Sailing to Antarctica

Member since: 2015

Countries visited: 55


What’s the best adventure you’ve been on?

In 2016 I sailed to the bottom of the world and back on a hundred year old tall ship… Antarctica was incredible in the old meaning of the world – beautiful, untouched and fascinating, but so incomprehensibly different to anything I’d experienced on this planet before that it felt surreal and like some kind of dream world.

It was brilliant: sailing along glacier fronts watching vast chunks of ice ‘calve’ off, to landing on islands so remote they’re not even named, to cruising through fields of unbelievably beautiful dying icebergs, to having baby penguins waddle up and try to work out whether you’re going to regurgitate food into their mouths, to hiking barren plant-less landscapes in snowstorms, to exploring abandoned whaling stations. And all while sailing a square rig ship, with the occasional crash when someone doesn’t notice a lump of ice (or in fact, when the Captain decides the sea ice is in the way). In short, it was the most surreal but wonderful experience of my life.

What drew you to go on that trip?

Exploring a unique continent

What was THE moment when you thought “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done”?

When you step ashore for the first time… and within seconds a baby penguin waddles up and starts nibbling at your boots to see how tasty you are.

Who was the most interesting person you met?

The first officer… hugely smart man who does everything from sail the Antarctic to run a family business and DJ.

What would you bring next time and why?

A DRONE. The sheer scale of ice, mountain, icebergs is impossible to do justice with a normal camera… not to mention that it’s too dangerous for people to get close to some of the interesting but fragile ice structures that naturally form.


What’s the most underrated place you’ve been to?


What part do you hate about travelling?

Planning it!

Out of all the places you’ve travelled to, which one would you marry, which one would you fuck, and which one would you kill? Why?

Kill Russia. At least in 2008, I felt hated for not being Russian Marry the BVIs for beautiful perfection (Antarctica is way too cold) Fuck…Israel for its energy, youth and enthusiasm.

What’s the most odd souvenir you’ve brought back from a trip?

A 6 inch nail I prised out of an abandoned railway on Vancouver Island… while visiting a hostess friend (in the middle of a round 3 week round the world trip before I restarted my day job)

What’s your favourite memory from the Day 8 community?

Arriving to The Ski Week Obertauern and taking a solid hour to get from the door to reception because of meeting, hugging and saying hi to SO MANY friends!