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Max Craven

Favourite adventure: Tuk-tuk race through India

Member since: 2017

Countries visited: 53


What’s the best adventure you’ve been on?

If God made machines he wouldn’t have bothered with a Rickshaw. Essentially, it’s a terrible idea. It’s not fast, it smells, it falls over round corners, it breaks downs more often than an emo teenager and a days driving feels like you’ve been kicked up the arse by an elephant. So the perfect vehicle to drive 2400km across India, staying in ramshackle houses eating questionable food with a friend who has only stayed in 5 star hotels and whose idea of a crazy adventure is adding cheese to his chips.

Having never driven a tuk-tuk before you are given one and 15 minutes of tuition before being let loose on the Indian roads in Mumbai. The first days challenge is just trying not to die. If you survive getting out of Mumbai, you then have 12 days of 7 hour drives at 30mph with your tuk-tuk breaking down everyday in stupid places. Nightime you would steal and hide someone else’s tuk-tuk while yours was stolen by another crew. Driving slower than a snail crawls you venture off the beaten track and you find the India you have read about, you meet people, you stop at schools, help community’s though charity and make new friends.

Adventure only happens when you do a follow-through fart right in the face of the tourist trail and wobble off the edge of the map. No hand-holding, no arse-wiping, just you and all the magnificent chaos the Indian sub-continent can muster.

What drew you to go on that trip?

Sounded plain ridiculous.

What was THE moment when you thought “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done”?

15 tuk tuks all racing though the streets of chenni at speed together, trying to make the finish line. It was like Mario kart. everyone darting round each other knocking into each other, shouting at each othe, racing off the lights trying to get to 30mph sometime this year.

Who was the most interesting person you met?

My mate :- watching him try and survive India and the daily struggle to keep his shit together; He emerged at the end like a smug butterfly, crawling from the empty shell of his former existence as a noob.

What would you bring next time and why?

Driving gloves. holding a throttle and changing gears takes its tolls on your hands.


What’s the most underrated place you’ve been to?

Mdumbi – wild coast of south africa. stunning, friendly, off the beaten map and amazing.

What part do you hate about travelling?

Middle seats on the plane, with a seat that won’t recline.

Out of all the places you’ve travelled to, which one would you marry, which one would you fuck, and which one would you kill? Why?

Fuck – Black Rock City – you come out questioning you own existance. Marry – Fiji the islands are stunning and the people the most friendly i have ever met. Bula. Kill – Athens – the best part of visiting Athens is leaving.

What’s the most odd souvenir you’ve brought back from a trip?

Carved coconut husk in the shape of a baboons face.

What’s your favourite memory from the Day 8 community?

Seeing the other adventures people are having.