A collection of trips you can join, hosted by us or fellow Day 8 members

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A series of floating festivals set in 7 destinations around the world

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A series of boutique ski festivals staged in 4 mountain towns around the world

Amazon Armada

An epic adventure down the Amazon River at the edge of civilisation

Hosted by: Max Rantz-McDonald & Mike Savas
Members since: 2012
Location of trip: Amazon River, Iquitos, Peru
Date of next trip: March 2018
Pricing: $2500pp

On the Amazon Armada, we take a small group of adventurers down the Amazon River and into the belly of the Amazon Jungle! Over the course of one week, we will be rafting down the most legendary and undiscovered river on the planet, visiting indigenous Amazonian villages, and sleeping high amongst the Jungle’s canopy. This week is full of activities including rafting, camping, jungle safaris, piranha fishing, and even sloth cuddling. If you have ever dreamt of exploring the furthest corners of the world with an amazing group of like-minded and extraordinary individuals, then join us on the Amazon Armada!

Everest Impact Challenge

A two-week charity adventure to Mount Everest Base Camp

Hosted by: Måns Gårdfeldt
Member since: 2014
Location of trip: Mount Everest, Nepal
Date of next trip: April 2018
Pricing: $1000pp + fundraising

Take on the adventure of a lifetime trekking in Nepal to reach Everest Base Camp, whilst helping the local communities. The trek is a two-week charity challenge to help The Acts of Kindness Collective build a 21st century school for 400 children in an underprivileged community.

Sail to Ski

Sailing and Skiing under the midnight sun in the Arctic Circle

Hosted by: Leo Alsved
Member since: 2008
Location of trip: Tromsö, Norway
Date of next trip: 21-28 April 2018
Pricing: €2500pp

Deep into the Arctic Circle, where the sun doesn’t set and phone signals can’t reach. We set out on an expedition to hike up 7 mountains and ski down with the ocean as backdrop. We sail between the islands catching fresh fish from the ocean on the way. Night time we BBQ on the shore and borrow beach side saunas of the locals. Oh and don’t forget the arctic plunge after each day of touring, 4°C of pure fjord water.

Morocco Mirage

A New Year’s Eve adventure through snow, desert and waves

Hosted by: Kenza Alaoui
Member since: 2012
Location of trip: Morocco
Date of next trip: 28 Dec 2017 – 4 Jan 2018
Pricing: $2500pp (all inclusive, excl. flights)

In the space of just 8 days, you will experience all that Morocco and the Sahara have to offer in the form of adventure glamping, kasbah crashing, and desert smashing. Surrounded by a group of new best friends, you will be playing in the snow peaked hills of the Atlas Mountains, riding your very own camel to a desert oasis, exploring lush palm-tree laden valleys, dancing amongst Berber villagers in local garb, quad biking across the smooth surface of the Sahara, sand-boarding down a massive 400m dune, and surfing on the cool Moroccan coastline to refresh and decompress!

Hosting an adventure and want to invite the family? Let us know!